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Gordon Boulter

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Connected to this place

Gordon Boulter worked for Maritime Packers for the majority of his working life, starting when he was a teenager. For many years following his retirement he made a daily pilgrimage from the town of Pictou where he lived to Caribou Harbour, the lobster factory site. In bad weather he parked at the wharf to spend time observing the comings and goings. During good weather he walked the beach from Caribou Provincial Park to Monroe's Island.  He was such a fixture (and inspiration) that his friends put a sign on one of the points of land on Munroe's Island announcing "Gordon's Point".

Gordon collected an extensive archive of factory images.  Gordon learned to drive trucks as a young man working at Maritime Packers and one of his fondest memory was his first assignment to drive a shipment of live lobsters to Boston markets.

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The Amacitia

Gordon tells the story of the Amacitia, a sleek, fast motor yacht equipped with two diesel motors used by rum smuggers in the United States throughout Prohibition. Eventually seized and put up for auction, the Amacitia was purchased by Maritime Packers for use as a 'smack' to haul live lobsters from Newfoundland back to Caribou Harbour for processing or trucking to the U.S.

Maritimes Packers picked up live lobsters from fishing stations in Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick, the Magdalin Islands and as far away as Lark Harbour on the Western Peninsula of Newfoundland. Gordon Boulder worked at many of those stations and keeps photographs as souvenirs.

Amacitia's beauty and speed made her a local legend. She was lost by fire in Newfoundland though, fortunately, no lives were lost.

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